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With 3 kids, including an infant, his mother was dependent on welfare for financial support. Karim eventually found himself the primary breadwinner for the family. Based out of the Bronx, French ran the series with the help of childhood friends including Brock, Droop Pop and Cheeze, who went on to become the first rappers that formed the Coke Boys. The track “Quarter to Eight” was the first of many collaborations with Rick Ross. Cardim -produced “Straight Cash” was French’s first underground hit. In , he released his second mixtape, Live From Africa. At that time he had already been signed to Bad Boy Records following the success of his single “Shot Caller”, and had just signed a joint-venture between Bad Boy and Maybach Music Group. In an unusual turn of events, the building was raided by police after a tip-off that there were counterfeit Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses being manufactured at the same building. Since then, Harry Fraud’s production has been a staple among French’s music, and Fraud has since ventured out into working with various other artists.


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His mother, Sharon Wingate, the eldest of eight siblings, had battled with substance abuse for most of her life and eventually served a year and a half in prison for her crack addiction. Charly was largely raised by his grandparents. According to his mother, his grandmother taught Charly her strong religious values from a young age. As a child, he was friends with future rapper and Dipset founder Cam’ron. He grew up with music in the household, and had sung in the Boys Choir of Harlem.

Following his release, he immediately began purusing a career in music, choosing the stage name Max B. Music career[ edit ] Max B entered the industry spotlight through his affiliation with The Diplomats , in particular Cam’ron who was a childhood friend of his. Diary of a Summer released in August.


Last week, he was arrested for the second time this year. According to an arrest report obtained from the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Black had been out on bond after he was arrested in for robbery, false imprisonment, marijuana possession, and driving without a license. But after Black decided to take police on a high-speed chase last month , the state revoked Black’s bond.

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His mother Sharon Wingate, the eldest of eight siblings, had battled with substance abuse including having served a year and a half in prison for her crack addiction. In her year-old son Eric was killed in Baltimore. Charly was largely raised by his grandparents, including the strong religious values of his grandmother, according to his mother. He grew up with music in the household, and had sung in the Boys Choir of Harlem.

Charly Wingate was incarcerated for robbery between and beginning when he was 18 years old. Music career[ edit ] Max B entered the industry spotlight through his affiliation with The Diplomats , in particular Cam’ron who was a childhood friend of his.

Michael “Maniac” Horton is poised to make moves in as he sets out as part of the new hip hop duo New Dynasty with fellow rapper and recording artist Snacky Chan.. Although New Dynasty is a new group, the two artists are very familiar with each other. Maniac & Chan had both been a part of UPT, which was the latest incarnation of the Korean hip hop group Uptown, and had featured.

But at the end of the day, [I’ve] never felt white. I can identify [with white people] but never have I felt like I’m one of them. I identify more with what I look like, because that’s how I got treated [but] not necessarily in a negative way”. He moved there and accepted a scholarship to St. Initially majoring in computer science , Cole later switched to communication and business after witnessing the life of a lonely computer science professor.

Early work and initial mixtapes[ edit ] After becoming musically inspired by Canibus , Nas , Tupac and Eminem , Cole and his cousin worked on developing their basic understanding of rhyming and wordplay , as well as beginning to learn how to interpolate storytelling within their lyrics.


When they lived here in AL before moving to IL, we used to all be cool. She doesn’t work and didn’t have a fone the time so I used to have to call her on his cell and one day I called for her and he answered and he’s been talking to me ever since. I’ve been battling tell her what he’s told me but they are married so I dont say nuthin’ and mind my bidness. I want to tell her tho but she doesn’t have anywhere to go so I aint tryna make her homeless, you know? Nigga go from 2 to 15 in nano seconds.

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The man leaked the pics to , who in turn put them online early this morning (NSFW): At the end of the video, the man, whose voice is disguised electronically, demands $, from Trina to get her cell phone back with all of its contents intact.

Failure to be elected was a great blow to his vanity. Both of which describe your take. The vanity bit comes from how you’re judging other people’s tattoos because you don’t like them. It’s actually possible to dislike something without completely judging people for it and acting as if you’re better than people who get them. Your problem is that you think that your perspective is the proper one; You’re one of those losers who project your own lifestyle and misery onto other people who are just trying to live life the way they want to.

Have a few more pokes at my intelligence since that’s really the only card you have up your sleeve. I wonder if it’ll actually bother me the 6th time you pull it out? Stacyzee Most of these people have gotten their tats removed? I’m so terrible because I’m trying to tell people to get tattoo that mean something to them , do fair research to make sure their at least getting someone licensed to prevent dangers , and spending extra money in the long run for removal? That’s trying to enlighten and help others.

You missed the point of this entire article because you’re unintelligent and overly defensive. Instead of trying to see the point you try to accuse someone of things they aren’t and bash them.

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Wednesday, February 15, , 9: Friday as cops grabbed her in the hallway outside her apartment. Patrol officers assigned to the 47th Precinct came across a fight on the fourth floor involving two men.

Ice Cream Man “King of the South” The Master P bio film Coming to Theaters – OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER THE OFFICIAL MOTION PICTURE MOVIE BASED ON MASTER P’s LIFE.

He’s fresh off the “Shady CXVpher” and is gearing up for the release of the Shady Records compilation Shady XV , but he’s also got a lot more on his plate, from a new solo deal and mixtape to a new Slaughterhouse project. It’s safe to say Crook’s staying busy. And in the middle of all of that, he’s also changing his name? Here’s what Crooked I, now known as Kxng Crooked, has to say about Shady Records’ status among other labels, why he only wants to be compared to rappers who’ve died and why he believes Eminem’s greatness should be celebrated while Slim Shady’s controversial lines shouldn’t be censored.

In the Shady cypher you announce the Kxng Crooked name change. Officially, are you going by Kxng Crooked? Everything needs to change and everything has to evolve. Creatively, I just want to go other places.


Why should these hundreds of assaults, rapes, murders, and attacks every week in this country be such a curiosity? Which of course are made out to be horrible, evil, bad people by the MSM. The MSM has an agenda. After all, they are THE fake news media. No matter how evil, racist, violent, or untrue it is. In fact, distorting the truth, twisting the facts, and flipping the narrative to their agenda ignoring the truth is what they do.

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