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I have 4 concert toms made in 73 or 74 with what they call the granitone interior finish. Looks like the stuff they use on bass boat interiors. They used it on the Standard series Bass Drums as described below. I have considered sanding it off mine so you can see the maple and lacquering the inside. What do you think? I know it would look better. Or should I leave them alone.

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What Takamine is this? I was a Takamine wholesale salesman from to when the Takamine F came about. The CF Martin Company in Nazareth, PA, had commissioned the Takamine Company to develop a line of guitars that could be sold as an underneath line to the Martin guitar that were becoming very pricy. When the line was ready to be marketed, Martin demanded that Coast Wholesale Music, the company I worked for, also sell Rogers drums, horns, and etc.

Coast was already selling Ludwig drums and other horns so there wasn’t the need.

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Drum badge Slingerland catalog Slingerland is a drum manufacturer originally based out of Chicago, Ill. The drum brand was famously played by Buddy Rich, who’s still considered one of the greatest drummers of all time. Clues to be used in dating a Slingerland drum can be found all around the drum and can help you occasionally home in on an exact date of the drum.

The lack of accurate serial number recording and large overlaps and reissues of shell veneers and labels can make dating the drums slightly more difficult than other drum brands. Take a look at the badge on the drum. The drum badge is one of the easiest ways to accurately date a Slingerland drum. The shape of the badge is a great identifier. From , Slingerland used metal badges with a more floral shape. In they switched to round badges in solid metal colors.

From on the company began using the oval badge with a black background that you still see on Slingerlands today. Date your Slingerland drum by identifying the veneer of the drum. The veneer is the exterior covering used to protect and color the drum. Slingerland experimented with veneers more than any other company.

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Find a ludwig on Gumtree, the #1 site for Drums for Sale classifieds ads in the UK. Serial number A fine example, in excellent condition for 50 years of age! Custom made vintage black Ludwig drum kit in very good condition consisting of the following: 16” dia x 16” deep bass drum.

Care of DW Lacquer Finishes: Caring for any of our Lacquer finishes could be compared to caring for your car. Since our lacquers are of the same caliber as those in the auto industry, we recommend a similar process. For a thorough cleaning, we suggest you remove all lugs and hardware from the shell. Clean the drums with a solution of mild detergent dishwashing soap works well and water, then dry completely with a soft clean cloth.

To add a great shine, procure a petroleum-based liquid wax from an auto parts store. Follow the directions on the wax using small amounts on a soft clean cloth.

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Sep 22,  · The serial number off my 12″ is Since all the serial numbers on the rest of the drums start with 94, I just assumed it was manufactured in However, I’m not sure.

Search our Network of Sites! We are here to answer your Ludwig drum history questions. There is an entire section devoted to Ludwig Drums, including the history of Ludwig Drums, drum badges , drum finishes and catalog pages on their snare drums as well as drum sets. As always, we are learning and researching and adding new items to this web site, like our rare and never seen Ludwig Factory Videos from !

Watch them here on our video player. Since we can’t list it all here, our Vintage Drum Guide houses all the research and history on Ludwig Drums and that is the place to do more research! Thanks for stopping by and take a look at our special eBay searches on our Ludwig Shopping Page. We can pretty acurately date Ludwig drums and Ludwig serial numbers are a big help, but not an exact science.

Other special features like badges, shell plys and the interior finish all help in giving you a date range of your drums manufacture. Please email us with any questions and let us know how we can help you and if you want an imediate answer then visit the Vintage Drum Forum and post a photo.

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There were a few different strainer designs, including one type that utilizes a wire cable instead of a metal rod. The photo below shows the only engraved model known to exist. Photos courtesy of Mike Curotto In , Slingerland introduced their first tunable tom toms. The top head could be tuned but the botton head was attached to the shell with carpet tacks. These bottom heads were very thick and made from goat or pig skins. In this year, Slingerland introduced the Broadcaster model.

: vintage+ludwig+drum+set. From The Community. the Club Date snare brings the vintage vibe with modern flair thanks Ludwig 14×14 Atlas Classic Floor Tom Bag Blue/Olive. by Ludwig Drums. $ $ 89 FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Only 4 left in stock – order soon.

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