This article is over 7 years old Single people interview each other during a matchmaking event in Shanghai. Outside, red velvet-lined tables are privy to a mass speed dating event. In the church square, unofficial match—making markets have sprung up, with pieces of paper scrawled with telephone numbers attached to fences. Thousands of singletons gathered at the expo at the weekend, an event so popular that organisers halted online registration after double the expected number signed up. Estimates of those attending ranged from 10, to 40, Timed to coincide with Singles’ Day, an annual commemoration for those looking for love on 11 November the “ones” in the numerical date represent “bare sticks”, a term for “bachelors” , this year’s date was all the more auspicious because six “ones” in Mandarin sounds like the idiom “one life, one lifetime” or “forever”.

CeMAT Asia Shanghai, China

Preparations are underway for the gigantic event, which is expected to attract over countries and regions. For instance, Orient International Co. Ltd, a Chinese trading enterprise, has created a one-stop service to assist foreign businesses with customs declaration, transport, and exhibition.

The two-day event will return to Qingpu District after being held at the World Expo Park more recently, the Shanghai Matchmaking Association said yesterday. The Qingpu site is bigger, lowering risks with crowds, said Zhou Juemin, director of the association.

Visitors can expect a range of products made of different materials such as glass, chipboard, metal and different types of wood from the foreign exhibits to complement the array of solid wood furniture for which Malaysian manufacturers are renowned for. Next to the long-term attractions of the mainland China and Taiwan halls are the third largest overseas group comprising over a dozen South Korean companies with the majority supported by the Korean Federation of Furniture Industry Cooperatives KFFIC.

A significant number of first time companies are joining repeat exhibitors including names which are making a comeback to MIFF, like Star Furniture of Singapore with its panel furniture and Godrej Group of India represented by Godrej Vietnam which produces steel office furniture. A peek into the international showcase reveals the latest range of colourful and creative furniture for kids from Turkey’s well-known Cilek Mobilya A.

Among mainland China regulars is Zhejiang Henglin Chair Industry with contemporary office chairs, sofas and bar stools. The rich variety at MIFF for buyers will include new segments, DesignRena an exclusive 15, sqm floor curated for 80 top Malaysian manufacturers to showcase their products in lifestyle setting atmosphere, MIFF Timber Mart for wood and product suppliers and buyers, Millennials Design MAD featuring ready-to-market furniture by young designers including FDC in Action designers committee.

Visitorship to MIFF is on the uptrend with nearly 20, visitors from countries attending last year’s show. There will be an exciting mix of merchandise to choose from with the pool of designs, colours and emerging trends converging at the show.

China International Import Expo: What Should Foreign Businesses Expect

It is a wonderful exhibition exclusively devoted to lightweight automotive solutions. This one-stop purchasing platform for logistics and urban public traffic systems features local and international lightweight automotive finished products and auxiliaries. Lightweight Asia provides complete solutions for high performance materials and processes that are much sought after by designers, researchers, technicians and buyers from automobile manufacturers. The show is the ideal place for ambitious businesses to conduct in-depth technical exchange and uncover fresh industry trends.

10 – 13 December Shanghai New International Expo Centre Shanghai, China Subject to change, as of 28 November 2 Others – Matchmaking, Presentation and Networking Events Dec – China Automotive Talents Development Forum Hall W3, Meeting Room M

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CKE (Oct ), China Kids Expo, Shanghai China

Which events will you visit this year to keep updated on the drone industry, develop your professional network and increase your sales? The commercial and civil UAV market is still booming: However, first bloom of drones is wearing off and now we are down to brass tacks — pinning down applications and actionable data.

Shanghai New International Exhibition Center July , ness Matchmaking Activities of New Energy Complete Vehicle Enterprise and Spare Parts Focus on Shanghai and EV CHINA , and see you there in Shanghai New International Expo Center in July.

Amsterdam Netherlands Arrange business meeting via the online matchmaking tool at Intertraffic China The most part of your exhibitors is local. Can you give us some advice to make contacts and do business in China? We will do our utmost to connect as much international and Chinese professionals for future business opportunities.

A dedicated seminar about how to do business in China followed by a guided export including Chinese companies looking for export partners. Is Shanghai an example of a smart city? Shanghai is developing rapidly an exciting new path to become a truly smart metropole. This city benefits from the Internet and related technologies to the full, aiming to become the centre of technological innovation for business and cultural transformation.

Who can visit the event? Intertraffic is the international marketplace for smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and parking. Connecting professionals in traffic technology industry worldwide. Our shows and also the Chinese edition of Intertraffic is attended by professionals working in the traffic and transport industry.

Shanghai World of Packaging (Nov ) Shanghai, China

Exhibitor and VisitorStatements for swop — Shanghai World of Packaging “We were deeply impressed that there were so many professional industry visitors at swop The combination of several trade fairs — the interpack More Innovation never stops, 2nd Shanghai World of Packaging finishes on a high note swop , the leading processing and packaging exhibition in Asia, has attracted the greatest amount of attention from exhibitors since its inauguration. China and will run through to November Increasing urbanization, a growing middle class and rising incomes contribute to the rise in demand for modern processed and packaged food products in China.

The trend is towards high-quality and safe food products.

Shanghai expo is fair ground to test policies to spur domestic consumption, says expo veteran China has been taking steps to open up its market to foreign merchants, although the Chinese market is known for its cutthroat competition and excessive regulations.

The Academic Research Summit provides the Indian research community with a common platform to come together and foster collaboration on cutting-edge research. Ece Kamar Episode 9, January 24, – As the reality of artificial intelligence continues to capture our imagination, and critical AI systems enter our world at a rapid pace, Dr. January 24th, The Future is Quantum with Dr.

Simon Peyton Jones Episode 7, January 10, – When we look at a skyscraper or a suspension bridge, a simple search engine box on a screen looks tiny by comparison. Simon Peyton Jones would like to remind us that computer programs, with hundreds of millions of lines of code, are actually among the largest structures human beings have ever built. Ben Zorn would like to remind us that behind every great technical revolution is… a programming language. Zorn has dedicated his life to making sure the software that now touches nearly everything in our… January 3rd, Remote memories accessed, and created, at SOSP in Shanghai, China I spend my day working on problems related to transactions and accessing memory on one computer using the computer processing unit, or CPU, of another computer, a technology known as remote direct memory access, or RDMA.

While the technology has been around for many years in high-performance computing, it is just now gaining widespread traction in the systems research community as a way to maximize operating efficiency in datacenter networks. For example, at the recent… December 22nd, New Microsoft Pix features let you take bigger, wider pictures and turns your videos into comics Microsoft has released two new features with today’s update to Microsoft Pix for iOS, an app powered by a suite of intelligent algorithms developed by Microsoft researchers to take the guesswork out of getting beautiful photos and videos.

The first of these features, Photosynth, helps create photos that take in more of the perspective or scene you are standing in front of, whether it is wide, tall, or both. Steven Drucker talks about his work in data visualization, the importance of clear communication in a world of complex algorithms and big data, and the long, slow work of big breakthroughs. He also offers some pro-tips to aspiring researchers, and tells us why stand-up comedy is an important skill for computer scientists.

December 20th, Getting Virtual with Dr.

Shouning Road: Xiaolongxia and BBQ

This development is in line with the demand for European companies to explore business opportunities in the Asian region. A business cooperation exchange programme, the b2fair allows companies to build their business on an international level with minimum investment in time and money. With its strong and dynamic partner network and with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network a network of the European Commission , b2fair provides great value to companies by facilitate their progress in the international arena.

Expecting participation of companies from 50 different countries, the b2fair will create a large global multicultural meeting platform inviting SMEs in China, Europe and beyond.

Wir bringen Menschen zusammen. Mitten im Herzen Europas gelegen ist die Messe Stuttgart zentrale Drehscheibe für Ideen und Kontakte. Aus allen Branchen treffen hier Weltmarktführer auf mittelständische Hidden Champions und spannende Start-ups.

Taking the Opportunity of the Crisis Time! Dear Company Executives and Friends: Our China trade mission, a part of our China EZPath Program and the ninth annual mission since , starts registration now. Similar to the previous years, the mission and the associated matchmaking conferences will be co-organized by National League of Cities and other organizations, and will be a multi-city, pre-matchmaking, and across-industry-lines event.

The focuses of mission are to help US small-medium-sized companies SMCs increase export to China and meet their other business development needs. Differing from the previous years, the trade mission will take place at a very specific time. The question is why we should go to China when the crisis is not over yet.

The answers are very simple: Even though China is considered “the workshop of the world”, many high end high quality products needed by Chinese are still imported from overseas. During the recession time, the price level of many Chinese products is historically low. As Secretary Hillary Clinton mentioned recently when she visited China, US and China need to join the hands to pull the world economy out of recession. Chinese Premier also promised that China will be the first country to step out of recession.

Consequently, China sets up its GDP growth target for