Elon Musk: There’s a ‘one in billions’ chance our reality is not a simulation

Sounds are typically a good example as they can also trigger memories that one associates with them, like childhood memories or the face of a loved one. The piercing noise of a warming klaxon cannot be mistaken for anything else and the memories it associates to are not typically happy, especially when it goes off early in the morning after a long night of work. It did however immediately rouse him from his deep slumber. Roused but still just barely conscious enough to tap the communicator he was still wearing and acknowledge the request, he immediately rose and began to straighten out his uniform. With a hazy move he rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock, finally realizing that he’d only just fallen asleep less than an hour ago. He barely even remembered getting to his quarters, much less falling asleep. He’d pretty much landed in the bed and fallen asleep as his body hit the sheet and he hadn’t even been able to stay awake long enough to change out of his duty uniform before doing so. Not that it really mattered, especially at a time such as this. He had always judged his current job to be leading his forces as effectively as possible in combat, not to look and act pristine at all times. That was perhaps unfortunately what had given him this task force and the rank of vice admiral in the first place, and even though he had his reservations about the posting and the job itself he still thought a sound tactical mind was more important than being perfectly shaved or wearing spotless uniforms like most of the brass back at Starfleet Command usually seemed to prioritize.

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For other Aboriginal groups living in places mostly out of reach of the urban and suburban centres — such as the Yolngu Matha-speaking peoples of Arnhem Land in northern Australia and nearby islands, this is also the case. This map attempts to represent the language, social or nation groups of Aboriginal Australia. Dreamings are owned In terms of the relationship between Dreamings and Aboriginal art, a limited parallel could be drawn with the contents of the Christian Bible.

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It is also true that M discovered some highly corrupted big business plans were in place in her community so as to implement even more damaging, mind control technologies to zombify the public into compliance with these organized crime businesses. Some of these details, names, places and events must be left out due to her level of threats and psychic attack on her being and family. Unfortunately, such are the casualties of this war on human consciousness and freedom.

But for every loss there is an incredible amount of tactical information gained, which M is willing to share, so that others can also wake up and use their divine connected power to neutralize these toxic infections that have slowly taken over many positions of control on this planet. To summarize the topics we discussed together are: For example the white holographic box linked to the iguana image. This includes negative Father Figure archetypes, deviant sexual behavior, disrespect for the feminine and normalization of these falsehoods into the mass consciousness.

Psychic attacks when you reveal the truth. Night terrors, dream hacks of repetitive, negative control, perversions, violence and mockery themes. Attack on loved ones to be manipulated or even hosted as reprisals for your spiritual truth and emerging awareness. Heightened attacks before or to prevent meeting ones true twin flame partner or healthy, respectful love relationship. Deeper Insights and Connections M had after the shock and trauma of her dissolution of marriage.

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Copyright , Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Some insight is provided to us by meteorites as well as remote and direct observations of asteroids and comets left over from the formation of the Solar System.

Comparative health from paleopathological analysis of the human skeletal remains dating the Hellenistic and Roman periods, from Paphos, Cyprus and Corinth, Greece Dean, Rebecca M MA.

Genetics[ edit ] One of the strongest evidences for common descent comes from gene sequences. Comparative sequence analysis examines the relationship between the DNA sequences of different species, [1] producing several lines of evidence that confirm Darwin’s original hypothesis of common descent. If the hypothesis of common descent is true, then species that share a common ancestor inherited that ancestor’s DNA sequence, as well as mutations unique to that ancestor. More closely related species have a greater fraction of identical sequence and shared substitutions compared to more distantly related species.

While on board HMS Beagle , Charles Darwin collected numerous specimens, many new to science, which supported his later theory of evolution by natural selection. The simplest and most powerful evidence is provided by phylogenetic reconstruction. Such reconstructions, especially when done using slowly evolving protein sequences, are often quite robust and can be used to reconstruct a great deal of the evolutionary history of modern organisms and even in some instances of the evolutionary history of extinct organisms, such as the recovered gene sequences of mammoths or Neanderthals.

These reconstructed phylogenies recapitulate the relationships established through morphological and biochemical studies. While a minority of these elements might later be found to harbor function, in aggregate they demonstrate that identity must be the product of common descent rather than common function. Perhaps most tellingly, the Genetic Code the “translation table” between DNA and amino acids is the same for almost every organism, meaning that a piece of DNA in a bacterium codes for the same amino acid as in a human cell.

ATP is used as energy currency by all extant life. A deeper understanding of developmental biology shows that common morphology is, in fact, the product of shared genetic elements.

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This article is based on a longer writeup which you can find here. Suppose that you are reading an article and the text refers you to a table on the next page. Before you turn the page, what are your expectations of the table? Chances are, you would like it to communicate trends and patterns. Chances are, too, that it will fail and simply deliver numerical minutiae.

Game Exchange: Dating Sims and Synthetic Relationships – A journey into the hows and whys of Japans dating sims, and how ‘effective’ they can be. It get’s a little raunchy and a little emotional.

Or a college professor. Or, very likely, Mr. Maybe they make the cardigan seem more bland and old fashioned than fresh and modern. But look at those examples again. This kind of confidence lends the cardigan a certain style in and of itself. Rogers had a bit of swag to his look really. Conveying both style and stability need not be a contradiction.


Genetic diversity and Population genetics An individual organism’s phenotype results from both its genotype and the influence from the environment it has lived in. A substantial part of the phenotypic variation in a population is caused by genotypic variation. The frequency of one particular allele will become more or less prevalent relative to other forms of that gene. Variation disappears when a new allele reaches the point of fixation —when it either disappears from the population or replaces the ancestral allele entirely.

Before the discovery of Mendelian genetics, one common hypothesis was blending inheritance. But with blending inheritance, genetic variance would be rapidly lost, making evolution by natural selection implausible.

Abstract. Rutile is a common accessory mineral that occurs in a wide spectrum of metamorphic rocks, such as in blueschists, eclogites, and granulites and as one of the most stable detrital heavy minerals in sedimentary rocks.

Film – Live Action The central theme of A. Artificial Intelligence , in which a robot boy searches for a way To Become Human to gain the love of his mother who he has been programmed to love by a series of code words spoken by her. Jude Law’s character, a robot prostitute, seems to grow fond of some of his clients but seems to be actually prohibited from becoming too attached, because his occupation is to basically be the perennially eager lover. That’s the entire point behind the robot boy David being created – to see if it was possible to create a robot child that could feel and provide unconditional love.

Interestingly, while David is only set to experience this love for one person in this case, his mother he still seems quite fond of his “father” and “brother” and enjoys being with them. At the end of the movie, David’s creator seems to think that the fact that David acted against logic which would dictate that it is impossible for a robot to turn human to obtain his mother’s love is proof that he himself is capable of true, unconditional love. Bicentennial Man , about a robot’s year journey towards understanding what love means.

In The Matrix movies, this is variously played straight and subverted by the machines: The Oracle is a computer program designed to intuitively understand emotional concepts such as love the way a human would to better understand human choice. Agent Smith goes way beyond reducing emotions to biology and becomes a nihilistic destroyer who despises everything created by human minds and by extension his own former masters.

Rama-Kandra and his wife are two programs who actively love each other , culminating in “giving birth” to a new program, Sati. Downplayed in Terminator 2: The Terminator manages to understand human emotions and to feel them even overcoming its programming to refuse an order from John , but regrets that as a machine he cannot return the tears that John sheds for him as he sacrifices himself to save humanity.

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Etymology[ edit ] The term Bioethics Greek bios, life; ethos, behavior was coined in by Fritz Jahr in an article about a “bioethical imperative” regarding the use of animals and plants in scientific research. Potter’s work laid the foundation for global ethics , a discipline centered around the link between biology, ecology, medicine, and human values. Bioethicists often disagree among themselves over the precise limits of their discipline, debating whether the field should concern itself with the ethical evaluation of all questions involving biology and medicine, or only a subset of these questions.

Others would broaden the scope of ethical evaluation to include the morality of all actions that might help or harm organisms capable of feeling fear. The scope of bioethics can expand with biotechnology, including cloning , gene therapy , life extension , human genetic engineering , astroethics and life in space, [5] and manipulation of basic biology through altered DNA, XNA and proteins. The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research was initially established in to identify the basic ethical principles that should underlie the conduct of biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects.

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