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But what does that mean? Put simply, an API is an interface that applications can use to share data. Instead of directly sharing data from the application’s source, an API is used as a safe go-between. An API isn’t a program on its own, rather it’s coding within an application that runs in the background. Think of an API as a side door that allows you to retrieve data from a guarded room. Many popular web applications provide a portion of their data using APIs. A major goal for Twitter and Google is to give people access to this data so that they can then integrate and present it using custom applications. Distributing NPR content a. Instead of allowing people directly into NPR databases, an API provides us with a controlled point of access from which we can release data. This suite of APIs can access information related to content, stations, transcripts, podcasts and our staff.

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The medical marijuana industry has boomed in North America and Europe. Reuters The medical marijuana industry has boomed in North America and Europe over the past few years as more jurisdictions have legalised it, and is now a budding sector in Australia ahead of expectations for local law reform. Mr Moeller told Fairfax Media the company hopes to become a market leader in Australia, where policy makers are still grappling with how to approach regulatory change.

In January, NSW introduced landmark changes to its drug laws that protect the terminally ill from prosecution for using medicinal cannabis, so long as they grow their own. Amid challenges with regulating production and distribution the laws were updated in to legalise commercial players supplying registered patients.

Future legislative reforms Capital Mining chairman James Ellingford said he is optimistic that future legislative reforms will create opportunities for the business in Australia.

89 2. Guidelines Active pharmaceutical ingredient General Information on the stability of the API is an integral part of the systematic approach to stability evaluation. Potential attributes to be tested on an API.

Talk to Sales The conversational revolution is here With more than five billion messaging app accounts worldwide and a growing fleet of voice assistants, the way we communicate—with businesses, technology and each other—has fundamentally changed. Businesses know they need to be wherever customers are and customers are ready to chat with businesses in a more convenient and personal way.

But managing conversations across countless disconnected channels and their ever-changing APIs is frustratingly complex. We provide the infrastructure and take care of the grunt work so you can focus on building an amazing product and user experience. Trusted by customer-centric software makers Enterprise software companies, bot platforms and SaaS startups all rely on Smooch to take their messaging products to the next level. A true omnichannel conversation platform With a single API, Smooch connects your software to any messaging channel, unifying all customer interactions into a persistent omnichannel conversation.

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Her first marriage, in her early 20s, had ended after an affair. She thought about cheating on her husband of 20 years. She considered bars, parties, a review of the lapses in her mid s. Instead, she sat her husband down and told him something that more and more progressive couples are beginning to realize. They loved each other and wanted to stay together — but in the age of Tinder and Ashley Madison and OkCupid, they also both wanted to have other options.

Dating Sites No matter how much you know about the man you are dating online, it’s good to keep the home and office addresses under wraps. Well, the only important note about online dating is that all this brings about should always be reasonable.

History of rail transport in Indonesia Indonesian Railways Co. Indonesia gained independence in , the separate systems except the Deli Railway were combined into the Djawatan Kereta Api. Indonesian State Railway Corporation in The prediction is it will be doubled in 5 years. Much of the branch lines constructed in the colonial era has been lifted up or abandoned in the s.

No major railway construction has since taken place, however, many of the busiest lines have been double tracked. The project will be divided into 2 segments: Manggarai-Bekasi, 15 kilometres long and scheduled to be finished in and Bekasi-Cikarang, 17 kilometres long scheduled to be finished in [11] Airport line to the Sukarno-Hatta International Airport. Rebuilding of the Aceh railway, with assistance from the French railway company Building new kilometres-long track between Cibungur and Tanjungrasa station.

This shortcut will make trains from Bandung to Semarang do not need to go through Cikampek station. Railway lines are also planned to be built on the currently railway-free islands of Kalimantan [13] and Sulawesi. The train is predicted to run in with trackage wider than in Java to accommodate more weight and speed.

The schedule for Pare-pare to Manado trackage will be completed in 5 years after it.

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Facebook launched the Facebook Platform on May 24, , providing a framework for software developers to create applications that interact with core Facebook’s features. Using the Platform, Facebook launched several new applications, [1] [2] including Gifts, allowing users to send virtual gifts to each other, Marketplace , allowing users to post free classified ads, Facebook events, giving users a method of informing their friends about upcoming events, Video , letting users share homemade videos with one another, [3] [4] and social network game , where users can use their connections to friends to help them advance in games they are playing.

Many of the popular early social network games would combine capabilities. For instance, one of the early games to reach the top application spot, Lil Green Patch , combined virtual Gifts with Event notifications to friends and contributions to charities through Causes. Third party companies provide application metrics, and several blogs arose in response to the clamor for Facebook applications. At some point, we will.

Build a bot and be a part of the chat revolution with simple API guides and developer support. Case Studies. See how Kik has worked with brands to drive record high impressions and engagement. Resource Hub. Become an expert on all things chat. Explore articles and .

Explore industry solutions Ridesharing Integrate Google Maps directly into your ridesharing app to decrease navigation friction for your drivers and improve wait times for your customers. Learn more Gaming Create immersive, real-world games with millions of customizable 3D structures, up-to-date global data, and seamless integration with Unity. Learn more Asset tracking Improve business efficiencies by locating vehicles and assets in real time, visualizing where assets have traveled, and routing vehicles with complex trips.

It allowed me to overlay the path of the sun and moon on any Street View location anywhere in the world. Google Maps Platform has helped us do that with its maps, local search, and other tools like traffic navigation. Every recipient can ensure their delivery fits into their daily routine. It met all our requirements and provided virtually limitless integration capabilities. People have planned hundreds of thousands of rides on the website, and the apps are each downloaded between 3, and 5, times a month.

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To sell your photos on iStock you first need to become a member and then summit examples of your work. If you are accepted you can upload your portfolio. It was launched in and has now almost 6 million members making it the second largest classified ads sites in the UK. It was acquired in by The Hut Group.

Community Central is a gathering place for users from all of Fandom’s communities. Connect with other contributors, get help and read updates from Fandom Staff.

This will ensure that all page content is loaded before the browser attempts to initialize FotoFlexer. Configure Callback Script After a user has finished editing an image, FotoFlexer will save the image, store it on FotoFlexer’s servers, and then redirect the user to the callback url with the new edited image url passed as a GET parameter.

The script residing at the callback url must be able to parse the GET parameters, and then process the result. This may include fetching the image to store locally, saving the URL to a database, or updating the page via AJAX with the newly edited image. Just about anything is possible with the callback url. Using PHP, the simplest implementation would be this: Examples of this are provided in the Integration Kit.


In Fusion, you need to execute the. For Workstation, use the following address to access the web server through the default port: Sure, you can just type localhost instead of There, you can learn about available tools for working with host and virtual machines:

Grindr is the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. Download Grindr today to discover, connect to, and explore the queer world around you.

The European Union has flagged renewing targeted sanctions. We must show leadership and be on the right side of history. Agency staff said they felt it too dangerous to deliver aid. Ms Suu Kyi also said her government is holding talks with Bangladesh on how the families could return to Rakhine but gave no details. If you do not leave we will torch your houses and kill you”.

They killed her seven-year-old sister. A year-old mother said when she woke up at 3am her house was on fire, attackers were shooting, women were dragged and raped and children tortured. A year-old woman described shootings in her village as a massacre. The report also cited witness accounts of victims, including children and elderly, being burnt to death in their houses. One pregnant woman was mutilated and her baby killed.

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Users are paired with a friend of a Facebook friend, once a day. CMB The emphasis on selection: The application focuses on quality rather than quantity. Proposals remain available 24 hours. For security reasons, no one will be able to contact you until you have given your green light, and only your profile photo will be available to everyone. CMB Dating a new way to meet online:

Directions if you’re using the API to create your ads: If you’re using the API to create your ads for dating services, you should use AND statements between each set of targeting requirements. For example, create an audience for people who match.

Is this Agile or am I just being an idiot? First obvious thing is, we need a schema. The only real schema we need to worry about are Constraints and Indexes. We also want our users to pick Attributes they have and Attributes they want in a potential mate. To keep things keep clean and help the matching, we will seed the database with some Attributes and not let the users create them dynamically.

However they need to be able to find and search for these Attributes, so we will index their names. So our schema endpoint could start like this: So how about we add that so our API looks like: Our first end point gets users, so we need to pass in a username and use the Graph Database Service in the context of our query. Inside of a transaction we will create a Node object by calling another method to find our user and then return all the properties of the user.

If it finds the user in he database it returns that user otherwise it errors out which means our end point will return an http error. Notice we make sure to use the lowercase version of the username. I love the way Neo4j lets you create an in memory throw away instance for quick and easy testing.


By Lauren Drell We’ve gone over some best practices for Facebook marketing , discussed hot trends and shared customer service tips , so now you know what you should do. But there are a few things that you shouldn’t do. Have you fallen victim to any of them?

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What is even even worse? The internet technology has facilitated the development of online dating sites platforms being available even from smart phones and mobile devices. As a lady; consequently, you have an explanation to especially worry if the boyfriend is obviously on their phone chatting away with God-knows-who.

Therefore, if you should be wondering how to locate away if boyfriend is on online dating sites, this is how can be done it. PhoneSpector A cheating boyfriend will likely not anywhere let you near their phone, which means you might be wondering ways to spy on their phone tasks with no use of the mobile phone. Well, there was one spy software which actually enables you to connect remotely to virtually any target phone and monitor those activities about it minus the owners ever once you understand about this.

PhoneSpector is a spy application produced by PhoneSpector LLC, A us firm that runs primarily when you look at the safety and information gathering technology industry. TheOneSpy The marketplace for gadgets running on iOS is crazy, as well as your boyfriend might be a fan from it also. Anyway, that is an account for the next time. What you need to do in order to spy on him is always to install the software on their iPhone or iOS unit without their voila and knowledge!

You shall basically maintain control of every thing occurring from the unit. If he logs on a dating internet site, you will be aware about this. You will have knowledge of it if he receives a dirty email.

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While traditional dating sites require extended periods of time in front of the desktop writing and browsing long bios, Tinder can be played in short bursts on the go.

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